At Paris Dental Centre, we believe in building smiles through building communities. Our commitment to our community includes community donations, sponsorships, and the participation of our Smile City event team members in community events.

  • Donations include products and gift bags, used furniture or equipment, or financial support.
  • Sponsorships include contributions where Paris Dental Centre receives advertising or promotion of its brand or services.
  • Donations of time/services – our Smile City event volunteers and our Smile City Kitty mascot proudly participate in community events and school/group programs.


All requests for donations, sponsorships and staff volunteer participation are made by completing the Community Donations and Sponsorships Request Form and submitting it by email to

What we support – our focus areas

  • Health: Organizations, local events, and initiatives that promote or improve health and well-being.
  • Sport: House league sport teams for children/youth and sports-related events that benefit children/youth.
  • Education: Scholarships and events supporting education and development.
  • Arts & Play: Events, festivals, and initiatives focused on improving access to the arts and to play for children.


  • Requests must be received from (or on behalf of or in partnership with) a not-for-profit organization or registered charity.
  • Requests must be submitted using our Community Donations or Sponsorships Request Form.
  • The event or work of the organization must be within the communities we serve (rare exceptions are made for used equipment donations outside our area).
  • Exclusions:
    • Apart from scholarships and exceptional circumstances*, our sponsorships and donations do not support individuals or individual pursuits, unless directed through a non-profit/charitable organization (for example, relay/event pledges directed through a charitable organization may be considered).
    • We do not fund religious groups except for specific program or event funding where the program/event is open to/benefits the general public (for example, events such as a church-run free children’s festival or program that is open to the entire community would be considered).
    • We do not fund advocacy groups, political organizations, lobbying activities, or animal charities or organizations.
    • We do not provide product donations or funding to golf tournaments and other such events unless the event is being held in support of one of our focus areas.

To be considered, requests must include

  • Name of the organization, a brief description, and contact information.
  • Confirmation of not-for-profit or registered charitable status.
  • Description of the program/event and intended impact.
  • Financial details regarding the request, including amount requested, how payment is accepted, how it will be used, and when it is needed.
  • Whether there are opportunities for employee engagement/involvement.
  • How support will be recognized and how to submit logo artwork.

Our review process

  • Applications for donations and sponsorships are reviewed on a monthly basis by the Chief Operating Officer or designate.
  • Requests will be assessed based on alignment to our values and our community focus areas of health, sport, education, and arts & play; intended impact; employee engagement opportunities; and budget availability. Priority will be given to requests that meet our criteria and are received through a patient or staff member and organizations that previously received funding (although there is no guarantee of continued funding).
  • Please allow 45-60 days for a response, depending on the nature of the request (we may not be able to respond to requests in under 45 days).

*Contributions of staff time towards dental services: In exceptional circumstances, where there is demonstrated dire financial need, PDC may consider donating towards treatment. These exceptional circumstances are considered as they arise by the Senior Leadership Team and are not part of this Community Donations and Sponsorship Policy.