Paris Orthodontics: 8 Steps to Straighten Teeth

Have you been around the Internet looking for ways to straighten your teeth? If so, you might have found many articles proclaiming that you can straighten your teeth at home using a variety of do-it-yourself methods. Yet, teeth-straightening is serious business, and it can’t be accomplished correctly by strapping dental floss to your teeth. Here is the real deal: 8 steps to straighten teeth  with the help of your Paris orthodontics specialist.

Exam and Consultation

Begin your first visit with the dentist with a positive attitude and a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. Know what you are willing to do to have straighter teeth. Your dentist does a visual examination and may take x-rays to get a clearer picture of the work that needs to be done. Afterwards, the dentist will present your options and recommend a straightening solution for you.


If your teeth are especially crowded, one or more of them may need to be extracted before the braces go on. These extractions are like any other extractions. Your dentist gives you an anesthetic and pulls the tooth.


After your teeth are prepared for the braces, we make impressions of your teeth for the lab to use in fabricating the braces. If you have chosen Invisalign, the lab will make a set of custom-fit aligners. For traditional braces, the impressions may be used as a sort of map to determine the length of wire, and other parts needed.

Fit Braces

You can put on your Invisalign braces on your own – they are that simple to wear. If you choose traditional or lingual braces, your dentist puts them on you a piece at a time in the treatment room. The process is not painful, but it may be a bit uncomfortable at times. You also need a lot of patience as your Paris orthodontics specialist fits the braces to your teeth.

Wait and Maintain

A part of braces treatment is simply waiting for the braces to do their work. Again, patience is essential to your success. While you are waiting, you need to brush and floss as your dentist has recommended to keep your teeth strong and healthy.. You want them to look their best when it’s time to remove the braces. You still need to have your routine dental exams and teeth cleanings, just as you will when the braces are removed.

Make Adjustments

Braces need to be adjusted periodically so your teeth continue to move from their crooked or crowded positions to their new straightened positions. With invisible aligners, it’s easy: just change to the next aligner every 2 weeks. If you are wearing traditional or lingual braces, the adjustment time will be longer and more complex. After your braces are adjusted, you can go back to step 5 and then step 6, and repeat as your doctor suggests until your teeth are straight and even.

Remove Braces

Finally! When your teeth have shifted into the desired positions, you are ready for the braces to be removed. Your dentist can remove the braces in the treatment room in a very short time. After checking your teeth, the dentist may turn you over to the hygienist for a thorough teeth cleaning. You may also want to whiten your teeth to enhance your smile even more.


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