6 Reasons to Choose Sleep Dentistry in Paris

Sleep dentistry is a general term commonly used to refer to any of the different levels of sedation dentistry. Although many people see no need for sedation during dental procedures, others find sleep dentistry very helpful. If you have ever considered asking your dentist for sleep dentistry in Paris Ontario, you’ll be happy to know that it has several important benefits.

You can choose your level of sedation.

At our dental office, we offer 3 main types of sedation and sleep dentistry. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a light form of sedation. You can still respond to directions, and you may actually feel quite normal. You might even notice that you feel pain or pressure, but you feel removed from it. Instead, you feel very relaxed, so it doesn’t distress you as it would without the nitrous oxide.

IV sedation may be the perfect choice for you if you feel extreme anxiety and fear about having dental work done. When you have IV sedation, you are in a deep, sleep-like state. You experience no feelings of anxiety, pain or even discomfort during the procedure.

Finally, we offer general anesthesia. This form of sleep dentistry is the one in which you will be unconscious throughout the procedure. This type of sedation is reserved for people who have dental phobia or are undergoing a very long and intensive procedure.

It reduces anxiety.

Sleep dentistry relieves the apprehension many people feel when they think of going to see a dentist. Whether you choose nitrous oxide (laughing gas), IV sedation or general anesthesia, you can relax in knowing that you won’t be overcome with anxiety while the dentist is performing your procedure. And, after you’ve used sedation dentistry for a few times, you might just begin to forget what you were so anxious about in the first place.

It reduces your sensation of pain.

Any form of sedation dentistry will reduce or eliminate your sensation of pain during the procedure. With nitrous oxide, you may be aware of it but not concerned about it. With general anesthesia, you won’t be aware of any pain at all.

Your dentist can focus on providing dental treatments.

Getting sleep dentistry in Paris can help you have the best possible outcome for your procedure. You feel less anxious, so you give the dentist more time to focus on the procedure itself rather than spending much of the visit calming you.

You can stop dreading dental visits.

People who have dental anxiety or dental phobia often put off going to the dentist until their teeth are in extremely poor condition. When you choose sleep dentistry, you can feel better about taking care of your teeth. You may even find that making an appointment with the dentist is so easy once you stop putting off your dental care and your teeth become healthier.

Your dentist is well-trained in sleep dentistry

Sleep dentistry at Paris Dental is safe because our clinical staff members are well trained in administering nitrous oxide, IV sedation and general anesthesia. Each has the required training and certifications to administer sleep dentistry safely and effectively.

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